AESDirect Transition to ACE Complete!

This message is intended for ALL filers that had access to the Legacy AESDirect applications: Legacy AESDirect portal at, AESPcLink, AESWebLink and AESDirect EDI.

The Refactored AESDirect system in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) was launched on November 30, 2015. Now that the transition of all Legacy AESDirect applications to the ACE Portal is complete, all Legacy AESDirect and new filers must register and submit the required Electronic Export Information to ACE at

Please make sure you secure ACE Exporter access and take the necessary steps to be able to file in the Refactored AESDirect system in ACE. For questions regarding your ACE Account access, please contact the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Accounts Service Desk at 1-866-530-4172 option 1, then option 2 or

Shipments previously filed through the Legacy AESDirect applications can be retrieved and amended through the ACE portal.

As a reminder, your filing in the Refactored AESDirect system does not require vetting or Reports Authorization. Vetting is only required for those companies looking to obtain export reports access outside of the AESDirect Shipment Manager.

For further information or questions, contact the U.S. Census Bureau's Data Collection Branch: Telephone: (800) 549-0595, select option 1 for AES or