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Welcome to A E S Direct

Use AESDirect to file your Electronic Export Information (EEI) to the Automated Export System (AES)

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  • A E S Direct Products

    AESDirect -- Online Internet Filing System

    • FREE -- At No Cost to Users
    • Allows users to file EEI one-at-a-time on the Internet
    • No software or hardware investment
    • Check Minimum System Requirements

    AESPcLink -- PC-based Filing Software

    • FREE -- At No Cost to Users
    • A software component of AESDirect
    • Allows you to key and save EEI without being connected to the Internet
    • Software installs directly to your PC or your Network Server
    • Automatically links to a company's AESDirect Filing Account on the Internet
    • Two editions of AESPcLink are available. Check About AESPcLink

    AESWebLink and EDI Upload -- Other Ways to Transmit to AESDirect

    • FREE -- At No Cost to Users
    • Connect your Web application to AESDirect using AESWebLink
    • Connect your in-house computer system to AESDirect using EDI Upload
    • Check the Developer's Center for more information

    AESDirect Web Automation Services -- A More Secure Connection on the Internet

    • Previously called the AESDirect VPN Services
    • Provides a secure two-way exchange of data over the public Internet
    • Check About AESDirect Web Automation Services for more information
    • Eligible users:
      • Companies with AESDirect Filing Account
      • Companies who are connecting directly to AES

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