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If you have trouble logging into AESDirect, it might be due to incorrect login information or because your account has been locked out/disabled.

Many login questions may be answered by your Account Administrator or User Manager . If you don’t know who your Account Administrator is, click here.

Review below common troubleshooting tips:

Message: No user account found for the username and password entered

What this means: You are entering your username and/or password incorrectly.

What to do: Verify you have the correct login information. If you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot your password?” link on the Home Screen.
Note that if your account will be locked out after 5 unsuccessful login attempts.


Message: This user account has been locked out due to unsuccessful login attempts

What this means: The username you are using has been locked out because of more than 5 failed login attempts. This measure is in place to keep unauthorized users from accessing your account.

What to do: Contact your Account Administrator or User Manager.


Message: This user account has been disabled

What this means: Your account may be disabled for two reasons: The user account may have been manually disabled by an Account Administrator or User Manager or due to more than 30 days of inactivity with the account.

What to do: Contact your Account Administrator or User Manager.


Message: This user account has exceeded its limit of 5 concurrent sessions

What this means: AESDirect limits all usernames to a maximum of 5 concurrent sessions. That is, you may use your username and password to access AESDirect on up to 5 different computers or web browsers. Any additional sessions, such as on a 6th computer, will be denied. This is to ensure that each person accessing AESDirect has a unique and identifiable username.

What to do: If you currently share an account with others at your company, ask your Account Administrator or User Manager to create usernames for each person accessing AESDirect.


Message: Your Password Has Expired / You need to change your password before you can login to AESDirect

What this means: AESDirect passwords expire every 60 days. Your password is now over 60 days old and must be changed.

What to do: Click the "Change Password" button and follow the instructions in the popup window. You will need the expired password.

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