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A E S Direct Support Center

How to Re-Activate Your AESDirect Account
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If for any reason a Users' AESDirect account has been disabled, Users must contact their Account Administrator or User Managers to reactivate their account.

A User's account is manually disabled by an Administrator or User Manager when a User is no longer responsible for filing in AESDirect or he/she leaves the company.

Note: If Users do NOT know who their Account Administrator or User Managers are they will need to contact Customer Support at 877-715-4433.

After logging into AESDirect, the Account Administrator or User Managers will have to do as follows:

  1. Under Account Maintenance, click 'Manage Users'

    The AESDirect: Manage Users screen will open

  2. Search for the User

    1. Enter at least one character of a search string
    2. Choose how you will 'Search by...'
      • Username
      • E-Mail Address
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Full Name
    3. Click 'Search'

    A list of matches will be returned. DISABLED will appear where a Username's permissions are normally indicated.

    If you do not know why your account is disabled click 'View Log'

    View Log allows you to review the number of attempts the User or any other individual made to try to gain access to the account. If the number of attempts is significantly more than the three that would lock the account, your account may be subject to a malicious attack.

    If all appears normal, click 'Return to user list'

  3. Click 'Reactivate'

    A window will open and ask you to confirm

  4. Click 'OK'

    A new window will open. The Username will be reactivated and a new temporary password will also be displayed

  5. Deliver this password directly to the User. When the User next logs in to their account, they will be forced to change their password

All passwords must be at least 8 characters long and contain characters from 3 of these 4 groups

  • Lowercase Letters
  • Uppercase Letters
  • Numbers
  • Special Characters: ¡ # $ %
For more information on Reactivating Your AESDirect Account, please refer to this section in the AESDirect User Guide.

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